Word from the manager

Cinéma Magog is proud to be a part of our community for almost 30 years now. Our city and the surrounding towns  are rich in culture by having establish community in both french and english.   I have the pleasure of having many friends in both community and I'm gratefull for it. 


It is not easy for a cinema like ours (3 screens) to make everyone happy in a small bilingual community like we have here.  I, personnally prefer to watch my movies in the original version and I know I'm not the only frenchman out there to do so. :)   And let's just say it as it is, over the years, Cinéma Magog never really provided me with a regular program that could make me a faithfull client.  But now that I'm involved, I want to change that and offer to the english community the opportunity to watch their favorite movies in english.

Since last year, I insisted on having at least 2 nights for my english friends ( and for me :) on sunday and wednesday night. Sundays are perfect in the winter, because most of the french people are watching «Tout le monde en parle».  We needed a week day too. so I picked wednesday. .I'm totally aware that this is not enough and those shows are after dinner so it's too late for the kids.... So this fall, we are adding shows for you.  First, on saturday afternoon, the second show (around 3PM) is now reserved for an additionnal show in english so now the kids can come.and see us.  Plus, once a month this winter, we will have early matinée shows.  We will present a kids movie on saturday morning 10:00 AM for only 3$.  Watch our website for more info about this.

For years, our tuesdays have always been a favorite among our regular clients with the special rate of 6$.  What a great price to go to the movies !!.  Well, we had to adjust our price lately and it's now 6.50$ but I want you guys to benefit from that special offer too, so from now on, wednesday nights are also 6.50$.

And I want to know what you think. Write to me at info@cinémamagog.com.  Tell me what you think, what you would like.  We'll see what come up and it will guide me toward offering you a better product.  

So tell your friends, bring the family and let's enjoy a good movie on the big screen.... I'll probably be sitting with you guys with my pop-corn enjoying the show...

Luc Dion

Director of operations

Cinéma Magog

Location de salles

Le Cinéma Magog offre un programme de location de salles dans un concept "Clef en main" pour un visionnement privé, pour une présentation avec conférencier ou pour une présentation publique.


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